September 30, 2020


High-content analysis of disease models and toxicology studies using C. elegans

Newormics presents a 30 minute live webinar on the applications of the vivoChip® for rapid immobilization of up to 40 C. elegans within minutes and high-resolution imaging in any microscope. During this webinar, we will demonstrate how the vivoChip can accelerate researchers’ workflow in the lab and enables high-throughput and high-content studies on the following topics: High-resolution imaging of C. elegans germline in three dimensions; C. elegans for assessing developmental and reproductive toxicity; C. elegans for assessing developmental neurotoxicity

This webinar would be useful for: researchers in the C. elegans community doing high-resolution imaging or phenotypic scoring of neurons, germline cells, or other tissues; assay developers performing chemical library or RNAi screens in multiple populations; toxicologists looking for alternatives to animal models for toxicity testing; and anyone interested in finding out more about our products and services.