September 1, 2020


Tuesday 22nd September, 11:00AM PT | 1:00PM CT | 2:00PM ET | 7:00PM GMT

(Please note the schedule change from previous time listed)

Newormics would like to invite you to a 30 minute live webinar on the applications of the vivoChip® for high-throughput and high-resolution developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) screening, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity (DART) studies, and germline imaging in 3D. We will demonstrate our results as well as how the vivoChip® can accelerate researchers’ workflow in the lab by enabling immobilization of up to 40 live worms within minutes for high-resolution imaging in any microscope. We will be discussing these areas in detail:

  • • Germ-line imaging in 3D
  • • C. elegans for assessing developmental and reproductive toxicity
  • • Developmental neurotoxicity screening

This webinar would be useful for: researchers in the C. elegans community doing high-resolution imaging or phenotypic scoring of neurons, germline cells, or other tissues; researchers performing chemical library or RNAi screens in multiple populations; toxicologists looking for alternatives to animal models for toxicity testing; and anyone interested in finding out more about our products and services.

We hope to see you there and answer your questions live! Because we understand how busy schedules are, all registrants will have access to the recording of the webinar afterwards


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