March 1, 2021



Newormics vivoCube® is a custom automated control unit which simplifies the setup and operation of our microfluidic vivoChips. The vivoCube gives simple push-button control of pressure within the device. Pre-calibrated pressure cycling allows 40 animals to be immobilized in their lateral orientation for imaging in 3 minutes with one button.

vivoChip works with our vivoCube for fast, easy immobilization

The vivoCube is our microfluidics controller, designed to make using the vivoChips easy, and is required to use our chips.

To run an experiment with a vivoChip, capillary tubing with worms is inserted into the loading side of the chip. The tubing is then connected to the buffer reservoir bottle of the vivoCube. Simple push button operation activates a series of regulated pressure cycles, which load the worms into the channels and orientates them in their lateral orientation for ideal imaging conditions.

Get started quickly with accelerating your data acquisition 

The  vivoCube is required to operate our vivoChips and comes with all accessories and connections needed to get started. All you need are your worms, your preferred worm buffer (M9, S Basal, etc.), and an inverted or upright microscope for imaging.

vivoChips are compatible with almost any standard inverted or upright microscope with the included stage adaptor, and custom mounting solutions are available on request.

No previous microfluidics experience is required to use the system and we will provide a 1-hour live training session for your users via video link with every system. Further technical and scientific assistance is available on request.

For more information, have a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us directly.