November 11, 2016


Newormics vivoChip®-2x
Simplifies C. elegans imaging for quantitative phenotyping using a proprietary microfluidic trapping geometry.

  • Simple to setup and operate
  • Immobilize 40 animals in parallel
  • Chips available for L1 – D5 stages
  • Compatible with all microscopes
  • Quantitative analysis in few minutes
  • No microfluidics experience require – learn to use in 1 hour

vivoChips are available for multiple C. elegans life cycle stages including:

  • vivoChip®-2x D1-D5: Day 1 – day 5 adults (D1-D5)
  • vivoChip®-2x L4-YA: Larval 4 – young adult (L4-YA)
  • Newly launched: vivoChip®-2x L1-L2: larval 1 to early larval 2 stage animals.
  • Newly launched: vivoChip®-2x L2-L3: late larval 2 to larval 3 stage animals.

Newormics vivoCube®
Newormics vivoChips work with the vivoCube®, our custom microfluidic control system, to allow rapid, automated loading and immobilization of animals in the vivoChip® channels.

You can now download the new flyer PDF.